Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Pollution Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Pollution - Assignment Example Some examples of air pollution include: Exhaust from motor vehicles and airplanes - The combustion of fuels in the engines releases exhaust gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and in some cases lead particles into the air. This is the addition of contaminants in water bodies that result in a significant change in physical, chemical or biological state of the water. The resultant effect of contamination can be attributed to an increase in waterborne diseases, suspended sediments, and excessive growth of aquatic plants and death of aquatic animals (Hill, 2010). Some examples of water pollution include: This may take the form of either misuse of the land surface or disposal of both industrial and household waste. Some forms of land misuse are seen in improper agricultural practices and in mineral exploitation (Hill, 2010). Land pollution may be visible or invisible as a result of seepage of the pollutants. The latter is very hard to clean up since the contaminants may be spread over a large area. Some examples of land pollution include: This is the presence of unattractive sites in the human vicinity. This form of pollution is subjective in nature since individuals possess different views in what they term as either attractive or unattractive (Meunier, 2010). Some examples of visual pollution include: I consider water pollution the worst since contamination on one point is spread over to other areas for example pollution of river water can have serious consequences downstream. In addition, water is crucial for the survival of all living things. Thus water pollution affects a wide range of living organism and destruction or death of aquatic organism. Lastly, sometimes it is not easy to know if the water has been contaminated for example, contamination from heavy metals which requires laboratory testing. Pests cause health and economic problems depending on their types and where they inflict their damage. In

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