Tuesday, October 8, 2019

A topic based on a form of mass media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

A topic based on a form of mass media - Essay Example Nonetheless, the vast majority of print media have been unshaken by the new wave of online technology where people can easily access online newspapers. Although the advent of online newspapers has posed a great challenge to the print media, the role of print media cannot be overemphasized, particularly in the modern society (Klein, 2009). In this respect, this paper explores and examines the role and future of print news media, especially with regard to the advent and dominance of internet news sources that have had an adverse impact on print news media. Although Gutenberg’s discovery changed the way print media operated in the 15th century, successive technologies in news broadcasting such as television and radio have continued to offer alternatives to print media (Free style marketing, 2014). More recently, the introduction of internet technology has enabled the dissemination of news through the digital media, a development that has not resonated well with the profitability and future of print new media. The leading newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington post, have survived the turbulent broadcast industry amid the introduction of digital news media such as cnn.com and bbc.com (Klein, 2009). Despite the fact that the digital news media have mushroomed in the recent past, they have not been able to phase out the print news media completely because both complement each other (Warner, 2011). In as much as the print news media has managed to stay in the market amid stiff competition from digital news media, it is worth noting that most of the public have shifted to online platforms. Indeed, the vast majority of newspaper readers now read the news in the digital news media using their phones, laptops, and personal computers (Free style marketing, 2014). It means that the print news media have to compete with the digital news media for the same audience at any given time (Warner, 2011). The biggest advantage that the digital news

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