Friday, October 18, 2019

Marketing Across Cultures Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Marketing Across Cultures - Case Study Example In fact, besides gender, culture is probably the biggest determinant of global marketing techniques. For example, Asians are known to be very conservative in fashion and indulgence. They do not like â€Å"loud† clothes, muscle cars, and they are cuisine is minimalist in nature. A global fashion giant may design and market summer clothes in North America, Europe and Latin America but launch entirely different designs of the same clothes in Japan. This is because it is aware of what sells in Japan, and it is dictated by culture. Film studio companies launch movies in some parts of Asia and Eastern Europe with some parts edited to avoid antagonising those populations and record low sales. Culture is therefore a major factor in global marketing; it is central to most global marketing strategies (Migliore, 2011:40). Introduction of a laptop in China and Thailand would probably require the sale of operating systems in languages that are common in those languages. For example, English is not the dominant language in the two countries, so the operating system would have to be in a culturally conducive language. In Nigeria, on the other hand, English is the main form of official communication; therefore the operating system would be in English. In China and Thailand, it is possible that certain colours are associated with negative connotations like bad omen (Migliore, 2011:52). Consequently, these colours would be avoided when introducing laptops lest sales be negatively affected. In Nigeria, on the other hand, laptops can be introduced in all possible colours because it means nothing to most

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