Wednesday, February 12, 2020

International Studies 2007 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

International Studies 2007 - Essay Example As an avid practitioner of Zen, I have developed an appreciation for the influence that philosophy has on design. I find that the Eastern culture is the path into my future as I begin to incorporate green eco-design into our interior spaces. Japan is at the forefront of this discipline as they meld bamboo, rocks, and water into a harmonious living area. This offers more than just a chance encounter with nature. It makes the beholder an active participant with their surroundings and offers them the serenity of peace of mind. This seductiveness of the natural is also echoed in Japan's world-renowned gardens. My studies in Japan would give me the opportunity to view these landmarks and create new ways to bring the garden indoors. My interest in Feng Shui would naturally compliment the concept of space as a living environment. The blend of nature, Japanese gardens, and Feng Shui would offer a meditative atmosphere that would indeed be seductive. The lure of the opportunity to study in Japan does not overshadow my obligations to the program. I am infectiously dedicated to design and would bring with me the fresh ideas of New York and the West. I eagerly anticipate interacting and exchanging thoughts with the other participants.

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