Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 9

Law - Essay Example Project management and using media within his practice is another part of his practice. Generally, the paramedic becomes a highly respected member of the community rather than turn out to be an anonymous person. His work and the speed with which he responds to a call together contribute to the picture of a saviour. The professionalism, the awareness of conforming to the multidisciplinary team and accountability make him what he is in the community (Mulholland, 10th NRHC). â€Å"Rural community engagement, emergency care, scope of extension of practice and primary health care† (RESP) have been included within the job description of a paramedic in the Australian Council of Ambulance Authorities (AAA.). The paramedic makes decisions of life and death under stress. However his practice does not only include only medical decisions (Steer, 2007). Culture, law and ethics problems infiltrate it creating impromptu problems which need to be solved under extreme pressure. Consent for adopting an intervention would depend on the patient. Refusal of care is a major problem that can stop him in his tracks (Steer, 2007). The paramedic must expect these and act shrewdly if he is to save that patient. His skillful application of the necessary rules or laws should smoothen the process. The patient could be in an inebriated state which can be interpreted as incompetence for giving consent. The situation can be explained and the possible reasons for the wheeze which has occurred. The outcomes too may be related. If the person does not still provide valid legal consent, the paramedic is facing the â€Å"Recipe of Difficulty†. He can enquire if the wheeze had occurred earlier and whether it is a habitual event. I f so, the patient may have the necessary medicines or inhaler with him to overcome the wheeze, the cause of which could be just bronchial asthma, and he may not have taken them when he was seen. The paramedic can encourage him to take the medicine or inhale

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